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Meta Bunny Legends

Meta Bunny represent a collection of 10000 legends categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. A private collection of 10000 unique 3D modelled and rendered to a very high standard pieces collected on the Cardano Blockchain.

Why Meta Bunny legends ?

NFTs fundamentally change how people can collect and trade art. We strongly believe that it's here to stay. Everyone can build up a digital collection and share it with others. MetaBunnylegends leverages this experience with the use of the Cardano multi asset ledger.

Meta Bunny Verse

Meta Bunny Legends
NFT Collections

  • Meta Bunny holders will be able to reap the benefits from holding onto a bunny.
  • Strategic marketing if it is deemed to boost the value of the MBL.
  • Meta Bunny will be available for the public to mint starting April 15th

MetaBunny 10000+

Linear distribution

Full ownership rights to your NFT asset

Exclusive airdrops throughout your journey

The roadmap to success

A transition from the Metaverse to the real world will makes MetaBunny a more suitable NFT for long-term holders. In a bid to propel and maintain a thriving community. Our road map shares an exciting journey through that process.

Phase:1 Jan
  • NFT Drop calendar listings
  • Plan Advertising & Giveaways
  • Partnership & Collaborations
  • 3D Artiest (Maya and Max)
  • Design 3D Bunny Concept
Phase 2: Feb
  • Web Design and Development
  • Bunny Conception with trait building
  • Twitter, Discord and Website Launching
  • Marketing campaigns to reach out to people
  • Launching Date announcement
  • Marketplace Listing – JPG.Store (Cardano blockchain )
  • Create Policy ID & Policy ID verification
  • Prepare for Pre-Sale / Public Mint
  • Minting First Collection - 15th, April, 2022
Phase 4 – APRIL TO MAY
  • Trade royalty will be distributed to holders
  • Release the rarity charts
  • Listing on Secondary Market Places
  • Charity & Holders Rewards
  • We want this stage to be community led
Phase 5 – Aug to Dec
10th Oct 2022
  • Meta Bunny Legends NFT Collections Session 2
  • Concept and Planning P2E NFT
  • Game Designs and Development
Phase 6 – FUTURE
31th Oct 2022
  • Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs or mCoin - MetaBunnyLegends
10th Nov 2022
  • Play-to-Earn Games on Mobile apps (ios and android)

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